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FilaFila is an authentic sports brand, committed to creating and marketing shoes that enhance the individual's pursuit of sports as a way to experience greater personal fulfillment. Established in 1911 in Biella, where the company is still headquartered, Fila has remained faithful to its Italian origins, and style, passion and creativity, the essence of being Italian, are deeply embedded in its genetic code. Commemorating Italian style, quality and luxury, Fila continues to innovate and reintroduce new and classic shoe styles for the life-long fans and newcomers alike! With updated classics like the F13 and the Helmsman, Fila footwear stays true to their followers and easily attracts new ones. Encouraging you to express yourself through your favorite Fila footwear, Fila has launched the newest campaign How do you Fila? Here, you'll find the iconic Fila shoes you have grown to love along with the new and exciting silhouettes Fila has created so you can have the perfect answer to that stylish question.

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FlorsheimFlorsheim Shoes - Standing the test of time since 1892. For 119 years, Florsheim has been an uncompromising leader in men's shoes. As Florsheim celebrate this landmark anniversary, they look back, refocus and set their sites on the future. What they see is a company with a commitment to craftsmanship and fashion-forward thinking. They see a world-class brand name that consumers continue to rely on for quality, style, comfort and value. They see classic styles as relevant today as when they first introduced them. They see new looks, and more importantly, new technologies and manufacturing processes that prove style needn't be stifling. They see opportunity and, yes they change. But they are confident that the challenges they face will make them stronger. They are determined more than ever, to live up to the standards and heritage of the Florsheim brand. 116 years is a long time to be on your feet. They are proud to say that Florsheim has not only withstood the test of time, but they remain decidedly instep with the times. So here's to a successful anniversary year for everyone...and to 116 more years of giving nothing less than 116%. Florshiem has also successfully extended its product line to men's belts. You may now match your favorite Florsheim shoes with a Florsheim belt. Crafted from the finest leathers, these belts offer the same quality construction and style you have come to expect from Florsheim. As our world changes, Florsheim has also focused on adding contemporary and casual men's shoes to their traditional line. They envision that future generations will look to Florsheim for dress, business casual and weekend casual shoes. One thing is for sure, there is more to come.

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Frye Kids

Frye KidsFounded in 1863 by John A. Frye, a shoemaker from England, The Frye Company is the oldest continuously operating shoe company in the United States. Frye products, including children s boots and shoes, have a long and illustrious history. Frye boots were worn by soldiers for both sides of America s Civil War, soldiers in the Spanish-America war, and for Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders. Many New England families during the mid and late 1800 s wore Frye boots as they pioneered across the country to the West. Frye's current Harness Boots are rooted in tradition and continue to draw influence from the Cavalry. Today the classic Harness Boot holds a place in American culture, and has been brought down to youth sizes. The Frye Harness Boot has been pictured in fashion spreads internationally and enjoys strong sales in the United States, Europe and Japan. In 1938, on a trip to Washington, D.C., John A. Frye's grandson and namesake met a U.S. Navy Admiral who confided that he had trouble finding the Wellington boots he liked so much. As a favor, John agreed to make him a pair. Frye continued to fill requests for these boots through the Second World War. During World War II, Frye supplied thousands of servicemen with Frye Wellington boots, known as Jet Boots, by mail order. In the 1960's, Frye reintroduced the Campus Boot, from its 1860 original, featuring a bulky toe and chunky heel that came to epitomize the attitude and the style of the 60's and 70's. There was nothing like these new Frye Boots on the market, and consumers began to demand Original Frye's. When searching for items to represent the America of the 60's, the Smithsonian Institute chose a pair of Frye Boots. Frye continues to manufacture quality boots for infants, toddlers and children, allowing you to outfit your entire family in the Frye tradition. Frye remains dedicated to the commitment of craftsmanship for which Frye has been known for more than 100 Years.

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Foamtreads Kids

Foamtreads KidsFoamtreads is a high quality, national brand of children's slippers that offer a unique, comfortable construction. Established in 1948, Foamtreads has grown to become the oldest vulcanized slipper brand in North America. Foamtreads kid's line is a quality line of slippers that has enjoyed a strong franchise for over 50 years in the market place. Foamtreads kids stands for fine workmanship and only uses high quality materials. Foamtreads kid's slippers are manufactured from 100% natural plantation rubber. The benefits of their vulcanized construction make their slippers lightweight, flexible, extremely comfortable, and all of their styles have non-marking outsoles. Foamtreads' success with vulcanized slippers has given them the opportunity to introduce other constructions for their kid's line, such as cement, stitch & turn and side stitch with the same success. Foamtreads kid's line is a lifestyle that stands for comfort and style. Foamtreads offer your child the choice of having a multi-functional product that is wearable indoors or out. In today's world, children need comfort for their feet when they take off their shoes, and Foamtreads meets all those requirements. Everyday is a holiday when your children wear Foamtreads.

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Favorite Characters

Favorite CharactersYour child will enjoy taking his or her favorite character along with them wherever they go. Whether it s climbing trees, riding bikes or shopping with Mom, these shoes are sure to make little ones smile. These shoes for boys and girls are made of some of the most durable materials in the footwear industry. Many shoes feature the latest in light-up technology that brings your child s favorite character to life with every step. If your child just has to have some shoes with their favorite character on it, look no further. You ll always find the newest and most popular characters right here in a variety of styles.

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FootMatesOriginating in 1968, FootMates was the creation of historic children's manufacturer, Badorf Shoe Company, Inc (est. 1928). FootMates has developed a vast following due to its commitment to creating the finest infant and toddler shoes for kids. Specializing in traditional and classic patterns, FootMates offers products that define Classic American and uses the finest leathers and materials to provide not only the perfect look but the perfect fit and comfort for your child. Whether for special occasions or for every-day wear, FootMates provides the style that parents want and the comfort that children need. FootMates also offers wide widths in many of its patterns to fit those sometimes difficult toddler feet! Millions of customers have trusted their children's feet to FootMates. See for yourself the classic difference.

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Fox Kids

Fox KidsApparel

Kids : 25 items

Fred Perry

Fred PerryIt was at the end of the 1940s that Fred Perry was approached by Tibby Wegner, a former Austrian footballer, with an idea for marketing a sweatband bearing the Fred Perry name. Fred had previously used gauze wrapped around his wrist to protect the racquet handle from perspiration. The original sweatband was made from bath towel material and weighed a ton, according to Fred in his autobiography. The redesigned prototype, made in Leicester, was light, soft and pliable. From that moment they were in business. They marketed the sweatbands by giving them away to the top players at the best tournaments, persuading them to wear them on court; the players did, and Fred Perry Sportswear was launched. Fred Perry soon developed the business with Wegner by making Fred Perry polo shirts. The Fred Perry logo was skillfully merchandised by offering these polo shirts to BBC cameramen, whilst Fred Perry and Dan Maskell both wore them when commentating. They gave polos to all the leading players; it was the era of Hoad, Rosewell and the young Australians, who were only too keen to get their hands on these new items of clothing, since they looked better than the baggy, ill-fitting alternatives. It was a clever and successful marketing initiative. People became aware of the Fred Perry logo and associated it with Wimbledon, the world's premier tennis tournament, and the world's finest tennis players. The Fred Perry polo shirt hit the jackpot. It was a good product; customers saw it, liked it and bought it. The construction of the cotton piqu shirt, with its open honeycomb stitch and great fit, made it perfect as performance wear for tennis and soon became the shirt of choice for several subcultures throughout the world. Being very popular among youth again, Fred Perry once was the shirt of choice for several distinctive groups of teenagers throughout the '60s and '70s. Skinheads and Manchester's own 'Perry Boys,' a group of violent football supporters, were among the subcultures that made Fred Perry shirts popular. Although those days are long gone, the Fred Perry laurel logo (usually found on the left chest of the polo shirts) has remained an important staple in the style of today's generation. Especially popular in the indie subculture, the signature fit of the Fred Perry shirt has proven to bridge the gaps of diverse demographics.

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Fox River

Fox RiverSince its beginning in the Fox River Valley of Appleton, Wisconsin in 1900, Fox River Mill, Inc., now based in Osage, Iowa has been committed to producing high quality knitted socks. Fox River was founded on the principle of offering a superior product with great service at a fair price. Today Fox River is one of the leading outdoor, athletic, and lifestyle sock brands in the world. There are so many sock choices and finding the right sock that works best for your activity, the weather conditions, and your feet makes all the difference in your fit and comfort. With over 100 years of experience in designing and developing high performance socks, Fox River has utilized its knowledge to combine great designs with technical performance features such as their Wick Dry Health System which is designed to help keep feet dry and comfortable any time. This combination of design, technology, and experience results in great socks to meet all your technical needs and requirements. Energy conservation and sustainability have been a way of life at Fox River for over 20 years. Whether it s how the factory is operated, yarns used to knit our socks, or materials used to package and market them, we make environmentally-friendly choices, not because it's the in thing to do, but because it just makes sense.

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French Toast

French ToastFrench Toast Official School Uniforms are the answer to the morning dilemma of what to wear for many children and their parents. With a terrific selection of stylish scooters, pants, jumpers, shorts, skorts and basic polos, with fashionable details and trim to keep the look fresh. French Toast offers great clothing in a wide variety of classic school uniforms in sizes from toddler through big kids; plus and husky sizes too! French Toast kids clothing is designed in typical school colors helps conform to each school s dress code. Parents will love the ease of dressing their children in the morning without having to spend extra time thinking about the perfect outfit. French Toast makes school uniforms with variety of styles for maximum options. All pieces made by French Toast are 100% machine washable and easy to care for. What else could a parent ask for?

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Flowers By Zoe Kids

Flowers By Zoe KidsWhen your girl wants to look her best, she immediately turns to Flowers by Zoe; a vivacious clothing line designed for fashion-forward girls. Flowers by Zoe's collection of lifestyle clothing ranges from everyday sportswear including tops, pants, shorts, and dresses, to dressy dresses for special occasions. The line is known for its unique fabrications, trend-inspired style, designer influenced looks, and attention to detail. Since its debut in 1993, Flowers by Zoe clothing has grown to become a regular household name in the girls market and has had a ton of fun dressing Hollywood's young starlets. Whether they're wearing adorable tunics, a fun dress, shorts or leggings, Flowers by Zoe is sure to put some glam clothes in your daughter's wardrobe!

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Famous Stars & Straps

Famous Stars & StrapsCreated in 1999 by Travis Barker (of blink-182 fame), Famous Stars and Straps was originally conceptualized as a lifestyle brand left up to the consumer s interpretation. Since their initial boom, Famous has become a respected brand in the skate, BMX, and motorcycle arenas with sponsored riders like Rick Thorne, Dave Dillewaard, and Luise Tolentino repping the FSAS Family far and wide. Their F logo, known as their Badge of Honor, has quickly become synonymous with the brand, referring to not just Famous, their namesake, but the core concepts of their brand like Family or Forever . Based in Ontario, California, Famous specializes in tees, jackets, hats, and other accessories, but they've recently branched out to sneakers with their FMS shoe line. These low-tops and hi-tops showcase a wide variety of styles and influences, but they've all received the royal Famous treatment, offering up a bold and distinct look that's unmistakably FMS. After over a decade in the making, Famous Stars and Straps has made a name for itself, creating an identifiable lifestyle icon symbolized by one letter: F. Famous Stars and Straps isn't exclusive to one type of person - Famous is for everyone. No matter who you are, where you live, or who you identify with, you can still be part of the Famous Family.

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Fallen Kids

Fallen KidsFallen shoes were built for one simple thing: skateboarding. Born from the streets, from the skate communities across the world, Fallen has quickly become the shoe of the choice for the real skaters, the kids and pros alike that are pounding the pavement every day just to expand their bag of tricks. Founded by Jamie Thomas in 2003, Fallen Footwear has quickly become one of the most respected skate brands in the industry. Designed, tested, and destroyed by their team to ensure quality and durability, Fallen footwear is known for creating shoes that have the looks, but are, above all else, completely skateable. And with a team of riders like Jamie Thomas, Chris Cole, Billy Marks, Josh Harmony, Tommy Sandoval, Tony Cervantes, James Hardy, and Brian Hansen, you d expect nothing else. They re the movers and shakers that are inspiring the up-and-comers, each leaving their mark on the industry with their bold and innovative style as well as their signature Fallen shoes. Fallen footwear is designed purely for skateboarding. They're made for the serious skater looking to rise above every time they roll out, and with Fallen skate shoes, you ll always be ready to throw down and ride at a moment s notice. From the streets to the parks, from the hot spots to the undiscovered spots, you ll always rise with the Fallen.

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Flojos Kids

Flojos KidsFlojos , recognized as one of the top sandal manufacturers in the world, is a name synonymous with the active, California beach lifestyle. Flojos (pronounced flo-hos , meaning kick back in Spanish) specializes in beach, fashion and sport sandals for women, men and children, with a focus on comfort, style and affordable prices. Flojos established itself as a force in the U.S. sandal arena in 1979 with the introduction of the original Flojos, a popular rubber crisscross sandal. The original Flojos style was borrowed from a traditional design from the Mexican culture, a style that has been a favorite among fisherman, surfers and beachcombers since the 1940s. Recently, the original Flojos sandal and other Flojos styles alike have been making resurgence, showing up on beaches as well as city streets. All Flojos sandals are designed with attention to detail and comfort, with materials including top quality leather, nylon, rubber and canvas. Most Flojos sandals are perfect for a walk on the beach, but some women's styles are elaborately trimmed with beads and sequins, making it the perfect accessory for a night out on the town. Steeped in heritage and rich with style, the Flojos way of life is back and better than ever. Whether you're looking for casual sandals to flip-flop around in the summer or serious sandals meant to take on the surf, you can look towards the reliable comfort and standout style of Flojos sandals. Kick into fun. Slip into style.

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