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Geox Kids

Geox KidsThe name GEOX stands for the combination of geo - the Greek word for Earth, on which we all stand and walk - with the letter X- a symbol for technology. The GEOX name is the essence of a footwear company founded on the revolutionary idea to create a comfortable climate for the feet in every season and all types of weather. Since its creation in Montebelluna (North East of Venice, Italy) in the mid 1990's, GEOX has quickly gained global popularity. The Shoe that Breathes was the result of a revolutionary new idea to provide shoe ventilation after years of laboratory research, combined with Italian style and refinement. GEOX brought the footwear industry a revolutionary product: a shoe with a breathable sole. In only a few years GEOX footwear has gained millions of customers around the globe. This means stylish, happy feet everywhere!

Infant : 1 items | Kids : 20 items | Toddler : 10 items | Youth : 6 items

Garvalin Kids

Garvalin KidsGarval n: Shoes and Sensibility Garval n's children shoes this season are fashionable in every way. Garvalin show s their expertise in caring for young feet and has been made with leading designers and technicians to achieve a sturdy yet gentle-fitting shoe that is both flexible and tough. Every line, model and combination of shoes for every need of children's feet. From the softness, protection and elegance of the new Biomecanics Baby (breathable, padded, and reinforced at heel and toe, soft leather, anatomic footbeds) to Biomecanics Sport, this combines the coolest sneakers with the maximum protection for feet! From traditional sandals to ballet slippers to fun and crazy Garvalin offers the highest quality always contoured to your child s foot. Garvalin introduces a mix between fashion and comfort with high quality children's shoes. Discover the exciting new prints such as the wild colored leopard and camouflage that Garvalin has included in their collection. The Future Is Now! With the Garvalin BIOMECANICS ON/OFF system (shoes that reuse the energy released when a child walks). These energy waves converge toward particular points of the child s foot and massage it with a gradual subtlety until the balance a child needs for good development is reached. Based in Elche, southeast Spain, at the centre of a region where shoemaking is a firmly rooted tradition, Garvalin has a track record of over 35 years designing and making children's shoes. Garvalin launched their first collection in 1968. Now making shoes for children aged 1 to 17 and create over 300 models every season. Garvalin blends tradition with innovation and creativity with fashion. The quality and processing of their materials focuses on providing comfort, wellbeing and healthy growth for children s feet. Their mission: To make a quality shoes with the latest styles in mind.

Infant : 2 items | Kids : 16 items | Toddler : 6 items | Youth : 4 items

Globe Kids

Globe KidsFor Globe skate and surf shoes, heritage is all about a healthy disrespect for the established way of doing things its always TIME FOR CHANGE . Whether it s an empty pool, a handrail or the steps of a government building, the most compelling things come with a streak of rebellion. Someone performs a new trick, others emulate, the trick evolves and the cycle begins anew when something new emerges. Skateboarding and surfing would not be the sports they are today if it weren't for professionals such as Rodney Mullen, Mark Occhilupo, Chet Thomas, and Taj Burrow who have made unparalleled contributions to advancing these sports. Globe skate and surf and Globe boys skate and surf proudly sponsors these and many other world-class athletes who participate in youth and adult surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, and motocross. TIME FOR CHANGE is really just Globe s predisposition toward progress. Globe kids skate shoes actively endorses an open culture that encourages change, which in turn, creates enthusiasm and spawns an overall excitement about what we do, how we do things and the new things that have yet to emerge. Globe skater and surfers are truly Unified By Fate in their philosophy, TIME FOR CHANGE .

Kids : 4 items | Youth : 3 items


GrenadeGrenadians, awaken from your slumber and hearken the battle s cry! Ten years ago, they set out for world domination armed simply with a Grenade stencil. It was underground, grassroots, anarchic and they rode uncontested. The movement was small, but welcoming to those with the right kind of eyes. The vision had never tasted so good. Headquartered in the Northwest, they continue their trendsetting legacy from signature gloves and outerwear to street gear and accessories. No suits, no ties. Just unparalleled style, functionality, and dedicated to core riders around the globe. They work hard, party harder and spit in excess, but remain true to the Grenade way of life by having fun and popping bottles. Enjoy the collection or a glass of the bubbly! Viva La Grenade!!

Kids : 1 items

Gossip Girl

Gossip GirlJust as the name implies, Gossip Girl is sure to capture some attention. Gossip Girl is bubbly, flirty and fashion savvy girls swimwear brand. In her world, girls rule and she is the fashion leader. Always happy and eager to have fun, she loves the signature surf-glam look of the Gossip Girl swimsuits. Since 2006, Gossip Girl has been designing and creating quality swimsuits for girls and tweens in sizes 4-16. The Gossip Girl finds the junior influenced styles irresistible, and mom approves of the flirty suits interpreted in an age appropriate manner. Every suit has plenty of special touches and color to catch the Gossip Girl s eye. If it s time to find a great new suit that s sure to wow the viewers, Gossip Girl will certainly have you covered!

Kids : 1 items

Game Time

Game Time

Kids : 1 items

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