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Western Chief Kids

Western Chief KidsLet it Rain, Let it Rain. The way kids look at raindrops and puddles, the wetter the better! Fortunately, the menagerie of water resistant products available in Western Chief will keep kids as dry as they want to be. There is something magical about the relationship kids have with the Western Chief characters. Some kind of special bond is created when the two come together. Kids and the Western Chief characters become inseparable.....often refusing to part, especially at bedtime. Western Chief Kids dedicates itself to making sure your kids stay warm, dry, and of course as adorable as possible! With a wide line of rain, and winter gear Western Chief makes major strides to create a great style and look that is both functional and affordable. From Thomas the Tank Engine to Hello Kitty and including their own list of characters such as Blue Dino, and Pretty Pony your kids will fall head over heels for Western Chief Kids! Beginning in 1891 Western Chief set out to produce outdoor boots that were able to stand up to the harsh weather conditions of the Alaska Gold Rush. Now Western Chief s product line stands up to the harsh conditions of the playground on a daily basis. Western Chief is a brand who has built itself on a creed that their success is the direct result of their customer s satisfaction with their products. With this Western Chief have committed themselves to constantly expanding their line to provide as diverse of products as possible. Whether the weather is sleet and snow, or wet and wild, Western Chief Kids is always up for the adventure!

Infant : 2 items | Kids : 13 items | Toddler : 3 items

World Industries Kids

World Industries KidsAthletic

Kids : 2 items | Youth : 1 items

Widgeon Kids

Widgeon KidsIn children's outerwear, beauty and style are just the beginning. Using unique fabrics from all around the world, Widgeon's jackets and coats are as practical as they are elegant. Each Widgeon garment is individually cut by hand to insure consistent quality, comfort and fit. And, since kids will be kids, all of Widgeon's outerwear is machine washable. Widgeon has also dedicated itself to making sure all their sleepwear is within 100% of the regulations, and does not use chemicals for their flame resistant products. Due to the construction of their sleepwear, Widgeon s pajamas are machine washable and much more durable than your normal pair of pj s. This makes Widgeon a great name in children s apparel and sleepwear. From your baby boy to your little man, Widgeon has a fun style with classic looks for each boy and girl. Widgeon s unique styles go from super kid friendly fun, to a more mature conservative look which gives a lot of options and provides a great overall line that everyone can enjoy. Widgeon pays close attention to each of their products to make sure that both parent and child can feel like a kid when shopping with them.

Kids : 3 items

Wigwam Kids

Wigwam KidsWarm Feet = Happy Kids. Wigwam's line of socks for today's youth is nothing but the best. We have downsized versions of some of our most popular adult styles as well as added some uniquely youthful designs. From the classroom to the monkey bars, Wigwam socks keep kids dry, warm and comfortable.

Kids : 3 items

Weboo Kids

Weboo KidsWhen it comes to shoes, parents and kids don t often agree on what s best for children to wear. Kids want to have fun, they want something exciting and playful, something that makes them smile and laugh. Parents on the other hand just want to make sure their children s feet are healthy and safe. The makers of WEBOO SHOES ask, Why can t they have both? WEBOO shoe designs are based on a two pronged philosophy; make shoes that are the very best at facilitating the natural, healthy development of children s feet, while also appealing to a child s imagination and sense of adventure! WEBOO combines comfort with color, fit with fun, and health with happiness. WEBOO is a new, innovative shoe and sandal line aimed at creating three dimensional, fun children's footwear, specially engineered for healthy foot development. All WEBOO footwear is molded from ultra-durable EXOTUFF into highly detailed and exclusive characters, each with a unique, hand-painted finish. Every shoe is toy inspired and designed to catch the eye as well as nurture the foot, with air-cooled ventilation, room to grow, and superior flexibility to ensure natural, healthy foot development. Every pair of WEBOO SHOES comes with a secret code that grants children access to WEBOO WORLD, the fun online arena where kids can get to know their WEBOO characters, play games and explore all the magic WEBOO has to offer. To put it plainly, WEBOO has engineered footwear that both a child and parent will love! WEBOO SHOES Developing Healthy Feet and Huge Imaginations!

Kids : 4 items | Toddler : 4 items


W.A.G.Since 1930, W.A.G. has been designing and manufacturing children's footwear in the La Rioja region of Spain. This family owned company has always offered shoes with fashion forward styling while keeping their traditional views of quality and comfort a top priority. WAG kids shoes are manufactured using the highest quality materials. The W.A.G. footwear line embodies the highest quality of footwear for kids that adapt to every stage of development. W.A.G. focuses primarily on comfort, and uses only the highest quality materials that are incorporated with the latest comfort technology available for kids shoes. Combining tradition with innovation, W.A.G. offers you the ultimate kids line of shoes that will grow with your children. Dress your child in comfort and fashion with W.A.G. kids shoes!

Kids : 2 items | Toddler : 1 items

Weatherproof Kids

Weatherproof KidsThe Weatherproof Garment Company s Formula for Success: The Weatherproof Garment Company makes high-quality and hugely-popular outerwear for men and women. Weatherproof achieves this by combining cutting-edge fabrics with timeless body styles. Weatherproof is an industry leader in the design of microfiber outerwear, including it s 5-times sandwashed microfiber, microsuede, micro-oxford and micro-shearling fabrics. Weatherproof also produces an extensive line of wool, cotton and nylon jackets. Weatherproof also recently introduced a very successful women s outerwear collection based on the same design of classic silhouettes and new fabrics. So whoever you are, and whatever elements you have to face, Weatherproof has got you covered!

Kids : 4 items | Toddler : 1 items

Western Chief

Western Chief

Kids : 1 items



Kids : 4 items

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