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Reebok Kids

Reebok KidsReebok is an American-inspired, global brand that creates and markets sports and lifestyle products built upon a strong heritage and authenticity in sports, fitness and women's categories. The brand is committed to designing products and marketing programs that reflect creativity and the desire to constantly challenge the status quo. Reebok is dedicated to providing each and every athlete - from professional athletes to recreational runners to kids on the playground - with the opportunity, the products, and the inspiration to achieve what they are capable of. We all have the potential to do great things. As a brand, Reebok has the unique opportunity to help consumers, athletes and artists, partners and employees fulfill their true potential and reach heights they may have thought unreachable. Reebok understands that people are, above all, unique. Reebok's positioning reflects this; celebrating the distinct qualities that make people who they are - their unique points of view, their individual style and their remarkable talents and accomplishments. Reebok celebrates their individuality, their authenticity and the courage it takes to forge their own path to greatness. While some may call them crazy or eccentric, Reebok calls them visionary and original. For decades, Reebok has been the name that kids look seek to show off their sense of athletic style. Finding the perfect balance between that style and performance is easy with Reebok. From the versatile silhouette of the kids' Classic Leather shoe, to the funky colors and fun design of street sneakers, you can't go wrong. Parents find ease in the their products, and children love their looks. With both lace-up shoes and hook-and-loop shoes available, you always have a suitable choice. It's a win-win situation for boys and girls everywhere when they've got Reebok on their feet. Commitment to corporate responsibility is an important legacy and hallmark of the Reebok brand. For two decades, human rights, through the Reebok Human Rights program, was the primary focus of this effort. Reebok has expanded on what had been built and created a Global Corporate Citizenship platform with a purpose for the brand that will help underprivileged, underserved youth around the world fulfill their potential and live healthy, active lives.

Kids : 8 items | Toddler : 3 items | Youth : 2 items

Ralph Lauren Layette Kids

Ralph Lauren Layette KidsWhat began forty years ago with a collection of ties has grown into an entire world, redefining American style. Ralph Lauren has always stood for providing quality products, creating worlds and inviting people to take part in a dream. Ralph Lauren Polo are innovators of lifestyle advertisements that tell a story and encourage you to participate in that lifestyle. Ralph Lauren Polo Layette embodies everything wonderful about the brand for the new little one in your life. From classic boat shoes, to darling Mary Jane's or Espadrilles, you will find our layette collection complete with the great attention to detail and quality materials used with all RL products. All Layette products are very gift able and come in signature packaging you would be proud to give. Be prepared to be awed.

Infant : 7 items | Kids : 15 items

Roper Kids

Roper KidsRoper is a 56 year old authentic Western brand born out of the heritage of the West. Original designs, unique fashion sense combined with high quality materials and selling value make Roper an outstanding choice for consumers.

Kids : 2 items | Toddler : 2 items

Ricosta Kids

Ricosta KidsSince its founding 35 years ago in the Black Forest region of southern Germany, RICOSTA has gone on to become one of the most popular and respected infants and children s brands throughout Europe. Designed and produced exclusively in Europe, RICOSTA and its infants brand PEPINO are unmatched in their commitment to offer unique shoes that will allow your child to be active, have fun and grow up healthy. RICOSTA was the first children s manufacturer in Europe whose health-friendly and environmental-oriented management system was certified to the environmental standard DIN ISO EN 14001. Meanwhile it has become a fixed part of our company s philosophy, more than just legal regulations. RICOSTA not only focuses on providing a perfect environment for your child s feet, but also on its responsibility to be a good steward of the Earth. With RICOSTA and PEPINO, your child s health will never be compromised.

Infant : 2 items | Kids : 6 items | Toddler : 3 items

Ragg Kids

Ragg KidsRagg Footwear is a Southern California based design company of novelty footwear for children of all ages. Ragg Kids has made a name for itself in the market of resort and novelty footwear. With consistently thoughtful designs and signature details of glitz, sparkle and color, Ragg Kids is a recognizable boutique label all over the world. They offer a wide variety of silhouettes, some of those include; bedroom slippers, espadrille sandals, platform EVA flip-flops and a party slipper collection that uniquely serves as a house slipper and a functioning flat due to its low-profile, yet durable, rubber outsole. One thing Ragg Kids has really constructed their name with is their amazing style for kids. From sparkles, to leopard print, to polka dots and sequins Ragg Kids has everything to make your child feel comfortable as well as cool! With their kid-inspired footwear Ragg Kids uses fun filled colors and designs to make adorable footwear that parents and children will love. Another aspect that sets Ragg Kids apart is their attention to detail when it comes to materials used in their products. With EVA footbeds and super cushioning insoles Ragg Kids takes pride with each and every product they produce. With the combination of excellent style and outstanding comfort Ragg Kids is a superb choice in children's footwear.

Infant : 2 items | Kids : 7 items | Toddler : 3 items


RichterThe long-established Austrian children's shoe manufacturer Richter - richtig junge Schuhe has been caring for the health of children's feet for more than 50 years. Richter - richtig junge Schuhe is known for creating stylish and functional children s shoes that are perfect for any child. In collaboration with orthopedists and designers, Richter develops products which satisfy the requirements of children's sensitive feet; designing children s shoes that are sure to give them optimum support and comfort as they grow. Richter children s shoes are perfect for any activity. Parents are sure to love Richter - richtig junge Schuhe as they have developed children s shoes that are not only soft and flexible but also provide protection for children s feet. Richter - richtig junge Schuhe also guarantees that their children s shoes are made from pollutant-free materials from nature.

Infant : 2 items | Kids : 5 items | Toddler : 2 items | Youth : 1 items


RobeezFor your child s first leather shoe, choose Robeez. Since 1994, Robeez Footwear Ltd. has grown from one mom's home-based business to the leading worldwide manufacturer of soft-soled, flexible and lightweight shoes for newborns to four-year-olds. For a Robeez infant, all the world s waiting to be tasted. That s why at Robeez, we re committed to making the safest, durable and comfortable prewalkers shoes possible. You can be assured that Robeez leather conforms to the most stringent guidelines applicable - those set by the British and European Safety Standards for Toys. These standards outline the safe limits of substances that are harmful to human health. All Robeez suppliers must certify by contract that their leather meets every measure. In addition, Robeez goes one step further: we voluntarily conduct random testing on our supplier s leather. Our rigorous procedures and testing guarantees each pair of Robeez meets the highest standards for integrity, safety and consistent quality that together make Robeez the number one choice for little feet. Recommended by experts, such as the American Podiatric Medical Association, and the first choice of parents, Robeez infants shoes and Booties are meticulously crafted using genuine leather. Soft, skid-resistant soles encourage pre-walkers feet to flex and toes to grip, promoting developing feet to grow naturally. When choosing an infant s first leather shoe look for thin soles that stay in place, allow flexibility and that are lightweight. Robeez infants shoes offer peace of mind with their durable, breathable and skid-resistant shoes all while still being fashionable. These shoes are made for every type of occasion and personality; from the breathable summer sandal to the sanctified Baptism and the even the playful playground slip-on, Robeez has the shoe. Available in over 70 designs, Robeez infant and pre-walker footwear is sold internationally at thousands of boutiques and specialty stores, including some of North America's most recognized retailers. Today, Robeez has a multi-lingual, multi-currency website with offices and distribution throughout North America, Europe and Australia.

Infant : 7 items | Kids : 14 items | Toddler : 1 items

Roxy Kids

Roxy KidsRoxy , founded in 1991, is the junior girl s line of Quiksilver . Roxy is dedicated to active living and the action sports lifestyle. Since surfing is a heavily dominated by males, Roxy sought after those girls who were rippin and shreddin out there in the water with the boys. The girls were asking and Roxy answered. Creating footwear, sandals, apparel, outerwear, boardshorts, bathing suits, backpacks, watches, bags, handbags, eyewear, and multiple accessories including hats and jewelry for juniors and kids, Roxy has made strides for almost two decades. Sponsoring professional athletes ranging from surfing to snowboard, the Roxy girl has an outgoing look and life and is ready to take on anything. The Roxy girl demands a girly fit with functionality without sacrificing cute and fashionable styles. Staying close to its roots within surf lifestyle and beach culture, Roxy has more than proved itself to be a dominating powerhouse next to the men s line, Quiksilver. Roxy prides itself on their connection to the junior consumer, progressive yet embracing all elements of life including vintage inspired, fashion forward clothes, footwear, sandals, beach wear, boardshorts, bathing suits, beach accessories, bags, and handbags.

Kids : 2 items

Reef Kids

Reef KidsReef sandals were born from the surf, sand, and the minds of two brothers from Argentina, Fernando and Santiago Aguerre. Fueled by their passion for surfing and armed with a unique entrepreneurial spirit, the brothers acted on an idea to create a high quality, active lifestyle sandal. The two brothers founded Reef in La Jolla, California, and with $4,000 working capital, some hard work, dedication and some savvy marketing ideas, the brothers built Reef into a respected core surf brand by creating some of the best sandals in the business. The now internationally recognized company has always blended the cool and casual attitude of the beach with a commitment to nurturing the lifestyle that follows. At the core of the Reef are authentic, surf-inspired products that have been worn by millions around the world since the company originated in 1984. Professional surf riders like Rob Machado, Mick Fanning, Ben Bourgeois, and Jay Thompson continue to spread the word about Reef by traveling the world in search of the best waves in some of the most beautiful and remote spots on earth, living out a fantasy that few ever experience firsthand. Reef is all about finding those spots and savoring every moment of beautiful surf and sand. Times have changed, but Reef is driven by the same constant they re surfers at heart, drawing influences from a world filled with beaches, waves, and surf. They still stand for the same things that the company was founded on by Fernando and Santi back in 1984 a love of the sport and the lifestyle that was born out of it. To this day, Reef remains a core surf company with their revered collection of Reef sandals. With authentic and innovative products intended to nurture an incredibly fortunate lifestyle that involves surf, sensuality and a life filled with happiness, Reef and their beloved collection of Reef sandals will continue to thrive, no matter how high that next wave may be.

Kids : 7 items | Toddler : 4 items

R.E.D. Kids

R.E.D. KidsSports Equipment

Kids : 1 items

Red Jacket

Red JacketRed Jacket has made a name for itself with sports enthusiasts as well as participants with its retro influenced fashion. The name comes from the great Seneca Chief, OT-TI-ANI, which translates to always ready. During the Revolutionary War Chief OT-TI-ANI was bestowed a beautiful scarlet red jacket by a British officer and incidentally within the Seneca tribe, the color red was associated with both winning and success. To pay homage to the great Seneca Chief OT-TI-ANI and the color red, the name Red Jacket was used for the clothing line and his signature as the logo. The mission of Red Jacket is to blend sports styling and bold fashion initiatives. Red Jacket features vintage graphics built upon the traditions of Major League Baseball, the NCAA, lacrosse and tennis. Red Jacket is the best of its kind representing the highest quality of the past. There are the latest in Red Jacket hoodies, hats and t-shirts that combine progressive fashion with vanguard sports cultures. They prove that nostalgia does not have to be a novelty. Don't blend in with the masses - wear something unique.

Kids : 1 items

Rubies Kids Costumes

Rubies Kids CostumesRubie's - the obvious source for all your Halloween needs Rubie's Costume Co., Inc., is the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of Halloween costumes and accessories and has branches in over 15 Countries including Canada, England, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Australia and Japan. Rubie's was founded in 1951 by Rubin and Tillie Beige and is still owned and operated by the second and third generation of the founders. Rubie's offers the broadest selection of products in the industry including costumes for infants, children and adults; role play, dress-up, and boxed costume sets; masks, wigs, make-up, and accessories; life-sized displays; props; lawn decorations; party goods; and, pet costumes. Rubie's mission is to bring fun and fantasy to consumers' lives with quality products at competitive, fair prices; to set standards for quality and design in the costume industry; to offer the broadest selection of products; and, to promote safety in the industry and community. Rubie's markets over 120 licensed character, entertainment, and brand properties, such as Star Wars, Batman, The Wizard of Oz, Lady Gaga, Jersey Shore, Mario Bros., Strawberry Shortcake and over 100 other licenses.

Kids : 2 items

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