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Zoo York Kids

Zoo York KidsIt began during the 70 s in New York City with those who lived, breathed and instinctively chose the city itself. Within NYC s miles of streets running east to west and avenues stretching north to south, there is a colorful weave of world heritage, flavored influence and people who each see it differently. Eventually, there was an allurement amongst a few who funneled their creative energy into a movement known as the Soul Artists of Zoo York. Germinating from Riverside Park on the upper west side of Manhattan, this crew built a scene in the north east based on exploring the city with aerosol cans, wheels and the need for freeness in the street. During the 80 s Zoo York was purely a phrase repping NYC s underground what we today have categorized into graffiti, skating, punk, hip hop and their influenced off shoots. By the time the 90 s came around the name Zoo York became a network of skaters who lived by New York s evolving hip-hop and graffiti scene kicking off the design and manufacturing of relevant product. Zoo York children and adult footwear thrives off of this melting pot of ideas and styles. Today, Zoo York s continually growing Zoo Crew includes original NYC graffiti artists, new and old school skateboarders, as well as talent from the worlds of BMX, motocross, surfing and snowboarding. Zoo York youth footwear has already made an impact on the scene with its avant-garde styles and street sensibility. Zoo York kids has made an impact and will continue to do so in the future. The product line is still a hybrid of military and urban athletic with ties to hip-hop, punk and heritage displays of city imagery.

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